Godass reveals an edgy sensibility and is charged with genuine emotion.  Kevin Thomas      LA Times

Naturalistic performances let the oft-wry dialog and situations sneak up on us rather than going for overt laughs….bright sensibility and polished presentation on a low budget suggest Bell has a future worth tracking…Dennis Harvey

In terms of execution, Godass is better than Smithereens…its female leads evoke Janeane Garafolo and Shirley MacLaine…Fred Schneider is well cast…
The San Francisco Guardian

Bell gives almost equal weight to Teri's family and friends in South Carolina, the zine she brings to New York to sell (Skid Marks), the drug-fueled music scene she quickly plunges into, and her father's troubled relationship with his longtime lover (convincingly played by Fred Schneider of the B-52s). Despite some rough edges, the film is frequently amusing, bringing out the absurdities and contradictions of its various milieus.
Fred Camper  
The Chicago Reader

EXIST An antidote to much of what passes for independent film.  NY TIMES

Impressive ... and uncompromising. VARIETY

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