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An Official Selection of the Rotterdam Film Festival, San Francisco Indie Film Festival, Chicago and New York Underground Film Festivals

Starring Nic Mevoli, Ben Bartlett and Tunde Adebimpe (TV on the Radio)


EXIST is the story of two young men who take the ultimate stand for what they believe.

Set in the trenches of America's resurgent protest movement, Exist captures the essence of personal relationships in the midst of turmoil, and explores how far people will go to be heard.

"By dramatizing their lives with candor, sympathy and a healthy strain of skepticism, the director, Esther Bell, offers an antidote to the whimsy and solipsism endemic to much of what passes for independent filmmaking." Nathan Lee, NEW YORK TIMES

"Esther Bell advances from promising to impressive with her second feature...Exist provides a character-based view of a seldom seen U.S. underground way of life sans preachiness or melodrama." Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"Conventional wisdom has long been that Hollywood is unapologetically liberal. But if that's so, where in the movies are the progressives I know — funny, sexy, smart, open-minded and most of all, real? They're in Exist." Brian Bergen-Aurand, CLAMOR

"...Ben Bartlett and Nic Mevoli give appealing performances and Bell adds authenticity by peppering their radical clique with real-life activists." The Chicago Reader

Directed by Esther Bell
Edited by Yas Rowan
Photographed by Tracey Gudwin

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